Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Skins' Hotdogs (Anderson, SC)

3720 Hwy 81 N. Anderson, SC 29621.

Skins’ Hotdogs is a local hot dogs chain that was established in 1946 by Loyd “Skin” Thrasher (personally, I would have gone for “Thrashers”). They currently have around ten locations in and around Anderson. I visited the one off Highway 81 in North Anderson, which is in a little strip mall. It looked quite shabby and probably hadn’t seen any improvement since it opened. Their only dish is hot dogs, which come in only a few varieties. They have a couple of sides (chips, slaw, pickles) and one dessert (chocolate pound cake).

I order one regular hot dog (chili, onion and mustard) and one without chili but with slaw on the side. The hot dogs are small, both the bun and the tiny wiener. While they look quite sad, the taste is pretty decent. The slaw is ok. Note that when you ask for water, they give you a bottle! The total came to $6.91, which was undoubtedly $1.50-$2 higher because of the bottled water.

Verdict: 72/100

Ok hot dogs.

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  1. 2 a/w with extra chili and extra hot sauce with a cup of slaw.