Friday, June 20, 2014

Adriatic Grill (Lawrenceville, GA)

396 W Pike St, Lawrenceville, GA 30046, T: 770-299-1115

Adriatic Grill is a fairly new, unassuming Bosnian-Turkish restaurant in small strip mall in Lawrenceville, northeast of Atlanta. They serve burgers, gyros, salads and the classic ‘Yugoslav’ favorites ćevapi (or ćevapčići) and pljeskavica (spiced minced meat). It also has a large assortment of cakes and coffee. The clientele is very diverse and seems to include many regulars.

I order a small ćevapi ($4.99): five small but very tasty spiced meat fingers on fresh Bosnian bread and some raw cucumber, tomato and onion. I have a Šopska side salad ($2) without feta, which is simple but tasty.

VERDICT: 90/100

Adriatic Grill serves very affordable and tasty Bosnian food.

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