Friday, June 28, 2013

Neretva Market (Marietta, GA)

2359 Windy Hill Rd SE, Suite 200, Marietta, GA 30067, T: 770-226-0300

Neretva is a small grill/market in a strip mall just off the I-75. It has a small terrace outside, which features the usual collection of dodgy Balkan men smoking and talking, and a couple of tables inside. It is run by an adorable small old Bosnian man, bit hunched over, who tells me that I shouldn't take the "Mix for Two" ("too much food for you") and instead makes a mix especially for me.

This ‘Mix for One’ ($8.47) includes one pljeskavica (kind of hamburger), 2 mild sausages, and four cevapi (or ‘meat fingers’) in a big piece of warm Bosnian bread. The meats are perfectly cured and grilled and are delicious in the fresh bread and with some ajvar (red bell pepper spread). The side salad is simple, but quite large and very fresh.

VERDICT: 89/100
Neretva offers some of the best Bosnian food in the US. I wish they were closer to Athens.

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