Friday, June 28, 2013

Ike & Jane Café & Bakery (Athens, GA)

1307 Prince Ave, Athens. GA 30606, T: 706-850-1580

Ike & Jane’s is a small bakery that opened not so long ago in the Normaltown area of Athens. It has some seating and does breakfast and lunch. Most people come in for the many sweets, in particular donuts, pound cakes and muffins.

I have the Breakfast Bagel ($3.50): bacon and egg on everything bagel. They slice the bagel, butter and bake the insides, which adds crisp to the already crispy bacon. Delish! M has a bagel with egg, bacon, jalapeño and cheese ($4.50) Also delish! To top it all off, we have the Elvis Donut ($1.50): soft sweet dough smothered with peanut butter, slices of banana, pieces of crisp bacon, and peanuts. Although I am not a big fan of PB, this donut was good! All their pastries are really fresh and tasty – my favorite is the vanilla-frosted donut with pistachios.

VERDICT: 92/100
Ike & Jane doesn't do much, but what it does, it does very well. The serve great breakfast bagels, donuts, and other sweets.