Friday, June 28, 2013

Gateway Cafe North (Syracuse, NY)

North Terminal, Hancock International Airport, Syracuse, NY

Hancock International Airport is a pretty standard regional airport: depressing too look at, depressing to eat at. The Gateway Café North is one of the few eating options and is a combination of cafe (sandwiches & pastries), snackbar (burgers and hot dogs) and BBQ.


I get the Frank & Coney (6.49) with Chili and Onions (+0,99). First off, the chili is on the German Brat, not the Coney, as I had asked. The onions are nowhere to be seen. Impressive, given that I was the only customer in at least 3 minutes. The Brat is tiny and comes on a folded slice of white bread. The chili is watery. The Coney is now reduced to a pale Frank on a folded slice of white bread. Both taste ok.

VERDICT: 63/100
It definitely doesn't invite you to come hungry or early to the airport.

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