Friday, June 28, 2013

Dirty Birds (Athens, GA)

312 E Washington Street, Athens, GA 30601, T: 706-546-7050

Dirty Birds is one of the newer additions to downtown Athens. It thought that it was a chain of restaurants, but it seems to be an Athens original. It holds the middle between a sports bar and a brew pub. It has a basic sports bar food menu and a remarkably rich beer menu. Dirty Birds is popular among undergrads, while (I assume believed to be attractive) undergrad girls, with attention spans of maximum 20 seconds, waitress there. 

We get Six Bangkawk Wings ($6.00) and Six Diablo Wings ($6.00). The wings are big, but dry. As the waitress didn't write anything down, and had an attention span of 20 seconds, the Diablo came out as Buffalo. We decided not to have it changed, however, as all sauces taste roughly the same: bland and uninspiring.

We also both got some Sliders ($9): I took the BBQ Western, i.e. small burgers with BBQ sauce and a fried onion ring. I added jalapeños, which were actually fresh and grilled. The patties were of fairly mediocre quality and a bit dry.

VERDICT: 70/100
Yet another sports bar in town that combines a mediocre atmosphere with mediocre food. However, Dirty Birds ads one extra to this: incompetent waitresses!

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