Friday, June 28, 2013

Harry’s Pig Shop (Athens, GA)

2425 Jefferson Road, Athens, GA 30607, T: 706-612-9219

Although Georgia is one of those Southern states without much of a BBQ tradition, Athens is full of BBQ places, which (like all other restaurants in the college town), come and go quickly. Harry’s Pig Shop is situated in Homewood Village Shopping Center, a strip all on the outskirts of the town. Its extensive menu includes all classic BBQ items, but also many items that are more fitting for a sports bar.

On this occasion we get six Smoked Wings ($8.99), which are huge and crispy outside, while quite juicy inside. They only come with one sauce, which is quite sweet. We also get the Pork Sliders ($6.99): three small Hawaiian roles filled with pulled pork and slaw. They are quite tasty, but unfortunately the BBQ sauces do not add much taste. The last major item was the McDowell ($6.99), a relatively small burger that is topped with their special potato salad and pickles. I know what you are thinking… I thought the same… but you are WRONG! The McDowell is one of the best burgers I had. Such a great taste! Another great item is their Sausage Philly ($5.99) and, if available, their hearty and meaty Brisket Chili. The sides are average, including the fries, with the exception of the delicious Marinated Beats ($1.99).

VERDICT: 87/100
Harry’s Pig Shop is a bit of an odd BBQ place. I really enjoy their food, but mostly the non-BBQ items. By far the best dishes are the McDowell burger and the Sausage Philly!

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