Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Hot Sausage Company (Sheffield, UK)

Fargate, Sheffield, UK

The Hot Sausage Company bills itself as “the UK’s premier street food franchise.” The idea is pretty straightforward: a small cart serving the company’s sausages in regular (£2) and large (£3)—they also have a more spicy Mexican sausage. At the cart there is a huge choice of sauces, mostly varieties of bbq and exotic spicy sauces. I visit the cart at Fargate, a central square in downtown Sheffield, which at that time has a small fair going on.

I get a regular (£2), which comes on a thick bun and with grilled onions. The sausage is the same as every sausage in the UK, at least at fairs and sports games: oddly soft texture and salty taste.

VERDICT: 80/100
The Hot Sausage Company offers average sausages but gets extra points for the cart.

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