Saturday, June 20, 2015

Istanbul Mezze Grill (Sheffield, UK)

152-154 West Street, Sheffield S1 4ES, UK, T: 0114-275-9191

Istanbul Mezze Grill is a large kebab shop annex Turkish restaurant on a busy street just outside of the city center of Sheffield. It serves various types of kebabs (Döner, shish, Adana) as plates and sandwiches.

I get a plate with a mix of Shish chicken and Adana with rice and a drink for £9. It includes five big pieces of perfectly grilled and nicely seasoned juicy chicken, a nice piece of tasty Adana kebab, a small piece of pita, some rabbit greens, and heaps of rice. All in all a very good and actually quite healthy dish.

VERDICT: 88/100
One of the best kebab stores annex Turkish restaurants I ate at.

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