Saturday, June 20, 2015

Fanoush Falafel Salad Bar (Sheffield, UK)

103 London Road, Sheffield S2 4LE, UK, T: 0114-327-3134
Fanoush Falafel Salad Bar is a small shop in the center of Broomhill, an area of Sheffield. It mainly serves falafels, humus, and salads – they have a choice of various different types of hummus.

I get a regular Falafel sandwich, which normally costs £3 but at 14:30 only £2 (happy hour!). You get four small, freshly made falafels, which are crushed on (jalapeño) humus, mixed with pickles, salad, and a spicy chili sauce, all within a wrap. It is small, mostly wrap, but spicy.

VERDICT: 80/100

Fanoush serves small, half-decent falafel wraps for decent to good value, depending of the time of day.

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