Thursday, June 9, 2011

Old Country Bagels (Queens, NY)

16226A Crossbay Boulevard, Howard Beach, NY 11414, T: 718-845-9211

Still known among locals by its old name, Bagels on the Bay, Old Country Bagel is an institution on Howard Beach's main street. Although its menu seems to be ever growing, now including salads and burgers as well as various hot and cold breakfasts, their huge bagels is what attracts hundreds of people per day to this small shop. They have at least fifteen different types of bagels, all HUGE, all freshly baked each day, and all ready to be decorated with a broad variety of cream cheeses, cold cuts, or warm options. Just a bagel sets you back around $2, while 'decorated' bagels go for $4-5.

My personal favorite is a sesame bagel with egg salad. The bagel is HUGE, while the egg salad is chunky and fresh. If only the bagels wouldn't be sweet, it would be perfect (then again, it wouldn't be America, now would it?).

The tuna salad is also awesome: the tuna is made with little mayo and big chunks of crispy celery. Any bagel will fill you up (almost) as much as a footlong at any sandwich shop. However, they are much more tasty!

VERDICT: 95/100
The best bagels are to be found in New York, and Old Country Bagel has some of the best in the city. On top of that, it has fantastic toppings and an amazing variety of drinks and snacks. And you can enjoy all this yumminess while you are Guido-watching!

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