Friday, June 10, 2011

Hot Tamale @ South of the Border (Dillon, SC)

3346 Highway 301 North, Dillon, SC 29547

South of the Border, at the border of North and South Carolina, bills itself as "America's Favorite Highway Oasis". For miles on either side of the I-95 billboards with stereotypical Mexican characters announce the many attractions of this "oasis", which include restaurants, shops, an amusement park, a hotel, etc. In essence, South of the Border is the Dollar Store on Mexican steroids. Trashy doesn't even capture it.

We decided to have a substantial lunch at South of the Border, expecting some really good Mexican restaurant. In reality, most of the 'restaurants' are touristic snackbars like Hot Tamale. Worried about the (lack of) quality, I decided to play it safe and go for the one remarkable item on the menu: the Gigantic Big Dog ($5.95) with Chili ($.60). While impressive in size, and sporting a good thick sausage, the chili adds little to the fairly standard taste of the hot dog.

VERDICT: 72/100
Touristic attraction with standard fast food at fairly decent prices.

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