Friday, June 10, 2011

Brewburgers (Brunswick, GA)

1618 Newcastle Street, Brunswick, GA 31520, T: 912-262-5443

Brewburgers is a nice bar/lounge/restaurant in the small town of Brunswick, Georgia. Obviously, it is known for its burgers. In fact, they have a huge selection of burgers, made from all kind of different meats (beef, pork, tuna, turkey) and vegetables (bean and portobello mushroom). Their specialty is mixing all ingredients into the pattie! This was all explained to us by a very chatty waitress, Candy, who hugged us on the way out.

My wife had the Black Bean Burger ($7.59), which had a very fresh patty with spinach in it, very tasty, on a ciabatta bun. It came with a heap of onion rings, which were a bit over-coated, but were very crispy and tasty. I went for the Slider Trio ($12.99), where you can choose three of the burgers and get them in sliders. The BBQ Pork Burger had a weak pattie but a very tasty bbq sauce. The Liberty Burger had a tasty beef burger and came with a spicy mayo. The Gloucester Burger is made of turkey and is spicy, but didn't have too much taste. I had a side of Brewburger Citrus Slaw, which was an original combination of cabbage and oranges, made with almost no mayo.

VERDICT: 89/100
Brewburgers is a nice and relaxed restaurant which serves original burgers. Use the Slider Trio option to sample at least three of them.

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  1. Oh, I'm glad! I'm a very big burger fan and I love Brewburgers very much) So, I'm glad to know that it's estimated at such a high level;) Continue visiting this cafe for sure!