Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Floridian (Tampa, FL)

4424 W Kennedy Blvd # B, Tampa, FL 33609, T: 813-287-6662

The motto of The Floridian is "The Finest Cuban Sandwiches on the Planet". It has ambitions to become a chain, but it currently has just two restaurants. It offers various sandwiches and sides.

I ordered the Finest Cuban on the Planet Large Combo ($10.98), which came with a huge portion of fries (which were twice fried, but unfortunately twice undercooked, as they tasted fried rather than deep fried). The Cuban was a 10" pressed sub with ham, mojo spiced pork, genoa salami, dill pickle, and a mayo/mustard mix. While it didn't impress the first bites, it got better along the way. My wife had a Roast Turkey Sandwich Small Combo ($7.99), which included a tasteless 5" turkey sandwich and a side of beans & rice. She also had a Deviled Crab ($2.99), which looked like a huge crab croquette, and tasted ok.

VERDICT: 82/100
The Floridian serves good Cubans, but all the rest is at best ok. I don't see much future in this as a chain concept.

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