Friday, June 20, 2014

Lock Yard (Brooklyn, NY)

9221 Fifth Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209, T: 718-333-5282

Lock Yard is a new hipster bar in the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn, set in a former locksmith shop. It serves “craft beers and artisanal sausages”. It has a great beer garden in the back, which has heaters so that it can be kept open year-round. We are taken here by our friend Mike, a true pig out specialist, so I have high hopes.

We start out with some dishes for the table. I choose the Waffle Fries Salt & Pepper ($3.50) and some dipping sauces: Siracha Aioli, Chipotle Ketchup, Horseradish Mustard ($0.35 each). They all taste good, but not remarkable. The Fried Pickles ($5) include four thick coated and crusty pickles: very tasty. The New York Pretzel ($4) is pretty basic, a bit dry.

After a while it is time for the real meal. I start out with The Bridgeview ($3.95): a bacon-wrapped and deep fried, red onion sauce. It is a very crispy sausage and bacon with a thick sweet-spicy onion sauce on a special bun. Tasty! The Cucumber Salad ($4) is a bit odd: thick cut slices of cucumber with onion, which have not that much taste.  

I continue with The Seattle Sound ($4.50): fairly thick grilled sausage, RC Cola caramelized onion, banana pepper, everything bagel seeds, siracha aioli (I ask for no cream cheese). Awesome! As we stay several hours, I decide to have one more, The Brooklyn Brat ($7.75): delicious fresh, big grilled bun with tasty sausage with spicy brown mustard and sauerkraut.

VERDICT: 89/100
Lock Yard is a great place to hang out with some friends, share some food, and have delicious sausages. However, you have to choose wisely, as some dishes are awesome, but others are fairly mediocre.

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