Monday, June 16, 2014

Clocked (Athens, GA)

259 W. Washington Street, Athens, GA 30601, T: 706-548-9175 

Clocked is the (only) burger place in Athens. In typical Athens fashion, it is profoundly American, but with an organic hipster twist. The inside is old-school diner, but with foreign movie posters. All food is organic, certified humane, and certified carbon neutral. Their menu contains mostly “hamburgers”, which it serves with vegetarian and vegan options, “frankfurters (hot dogs), and “sammies” (including falafel and humus). While you can make your own burger, they offer 14 (some original) combinations (like the “Peanut Butter! and Bacon” and “Bacon!Jam”).

I have been at Clocked many times. As I am not that impressed by the sides (e.g. fries and onion rings), I often ‘just’ get one hamburger and one frankfurter. My favorite burger is the Ring of Fire! ($7.50): a blackened burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickled jalapenos, and Clocked chipotle sauce. The burger is a bit crunchy, not too thick, but still juicy. I also get the Detroit! ($5.99): a huge frankfurter on a slightly toasted bun with a little topping of very strong and tasty chili and onions. As most sides, the slaw is unremarkable.

VERDICT: 90/100

I have to admit that I had to get used to Clocked. It is not the usual burger joint, the sides are so-so, and it is quite pricy. However, the price is largely due to the choice for organic meats, while the burgers and sausages are excellent.

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