Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kebab House Arlon (Arlon, Belgium)

Avenue de la Gare 47, 6700 Arlon, Belgium


As is the case in many Belgian towns these days, it is virtually impossible to find an authentic frituur in the downtown of Arlon, a town in the Luxembourg province of Belgium. As we had little time, we settle on a small kiosk that had become a kebab place, but still offers fries and regular snacks, as well as kebab.

I order a Mitrailette (€4.50), which is a long soft baguette, a bit crispy and dry as it was heated up, with mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion, hamburger (sliced into two halves) and covered with fries and (little) mayo. It tastes fairly basic, nothing original or particularly tasty. My brother gets a small fries with a sauce (€2). The fries are prefab and fried in vegetable oil rather than animal fat. Ok, nothing special.

VERDICT: 75/100
Kebab House is a basic new-school frituur/Döner place. Decent food, decent prices.

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