Thursday, October 22, 2015

Wok Star (Winterville, GA )

225 B-1 Cherokee Rd, Winterville, GA 30683

Wok Star is a Chinese restaurant in the tiny village of Winterville, about 15 minutes outside of Athens. Despite the bizarre entrance, which seems to double as a chotskies shop, it is actually the only place in the area that offers pretty good Chinese food.

Hence, it is difficult to go here for something so mundane as a burger. However, I have heard and read that the burgers are really good, so I decide to go there one day for lunch and try it myself.

I start with a Vegetable Spring Roll ($1.25) and a (Chicken) Spring Roll ($1.25), which are both small, fresh, and tasty. Then on to the Wok Star Burger ($8.49), which comes with fries. The fries are really disappointing, as they are undercooked and soggy, but the burger is a pleasant surprise. It is a large but not very thick patty that comes on a big soft bun with strips of crispy bacon and a huge chunk of cabbage. Sauces are on the side (ketchup, mayo, and spicy mustard), but the burger is so tasty that it doesn’t need any sauce. It has a deep almost smoky meaty flavor, juicy and salty. Delicious!

VERDICT: 89/100
Wok Star is a good place for Chinese dinner and American lunch. Next time I’ll go for the Monster Burger (I will update).

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