Thursday, October 22, 2015

Champy’s (Athens, GA)

1120 Baxter Street, Athens, GA 30606

Champy’s is a southern chain of “famous fried chicken” restaurants, which started in Alabama in 2009. It currently has five locations: three in Alabama and one in Tennessee and Georgia each. They serve different kinds of fried chicken, catfish, frog legs (!), and “Delta tamales”. All come in singles and plates with classic Southern sides.

I sample the offerings. I get two wings ($5.50), which are battered with thick coating - whomever thought that was a good idea should be banned from any kitchen. The chicken tender ($2.75) is huge and has the same batter, but much more chicken. They are fat but quite tasty. Unlike the chicken the fried catfish ($3.50) is lightly battered, which is better (even if the tartar sauce is too dilly). The side of fries ($2.99) is huge but disappointing; kind of thick BK fries, battered and airy with little hint of potato.

VERDICT: 71/100
Overall quite poor, but tenders of chicken and catfish are OK.

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