Thursday, October 22, 2015

Poppin Pita (Atlanta, GA)

420 14th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Poppin Pita is a brand new, very small, shawarma place next to a big mosque (a good indication in terms of authenticity). It opened up only two days earlier,  and serves only chicken and beef shawarma, kabobs, and falafel, in sandwiches (all $5.99) and plates (half $6.99, full $9.99).

I get the Beef “Shewarma” Sandwich ($5.99), which comes with thin slices of beef strips, diced onion, parsley, and sumac, topped with tahini, wrapped in Lebanese bread. It is quite good, but a bit light on meat and toppings, which makes the bread too dominant. The nice guy behind the counter gives me small samples of the humus and salad (as well as a free bottle of water). I like my humus a bit creamier, but the salad is fresh if a bit dominated by zatra.

VERDICT: 85/100
Poppin Pita is a new place with nice people. The food is authentic and sure to get better, so give them a chance!

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