Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Matt's Bar (Minneapolis, MN)

3500 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55407-2339, T: 612-722-7072

I met my friend R. at Matt's Bar, an institution in Minneapolis, know around the country (after having been featured on Man v Food) as the "Home of the Original Jucy Lucy". You would hardly notice it from the outside, as it looks like a regular non-descriptive bar where only locals alcoholics come. In fact, you get the same feeling inside... until you get your food.

R. ordered the Jucy Lucy ($4.95), which is a double cheeseburger where the cheese being grilled in between the patties. I went for a double hamburger ($4.95), which comes only with two juicy patties and grilled onions. This notwithstanding, it tastes excellent. We shared a big basket of french fries ($4.25), which were thin and crispy.

VERDICT: 90/100
Matt's Bar is an American original. Just a regular dark pub with a long bar and at the end of it a small grill and two fry daddies. It only does burgers and fries, but it does them so well that you have to go and visit!

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  1. The correct name is Jucy Lucy. See