Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cafe Spisevogna (Bærum, Norway)

Cafe Spisevogna, Otto Sverdrups plass 1, 1337 Sandvika (Bærum), Norway, T: 67-80-40-65.

Cafe Spisevogna is a typical Oslo snackbar, which means heavily overpriced kebab and burgers. As everywhere in Norway, burgers are priced by the meat's weight. It is located inside of the Sandvika railway station.

I had the choice of three hamburger meals: 100g (NOK 95/12 Euro), 160g (110/14), and 250g (quarterpounder) (119/15); I went for the 160g. The burger looked pretty big, but is made of processed meat (definitely not pure beef); however, it was fried, not deep fried, which was a positive. It came on a large soft bun with quite a lot of greens and some kind of thousand island sauce. Quite filling, but hardly tasting like meat. The portions of french fries are prepacked, to control the weight! They come with steak spices and were freshly made; although they are not real potatoes, but rather potato extract (like in the Netherlands and many snackbars in Germany), they were quite tasty.

VERDICT: 73/100
This is a very mediocre burger, which hardly has any meat taste to it. The portions are quite generous, but the prices fairly steep (although quite normal for Norway.

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