Sunday, August 1, 2010

Elbow Room Pub & Deli (Indianapolis, IN)

605 N Pennsylvania Street Indianapolis, IN 46204, T: 317-635-3354

The Elbow Room Pub & Deli is more a pub & restaurant, than a pub & deli and is famous in Indy for its burgers. Although I had seen its burger described in many lists of best burgers in Indy, and had passed the place by several times, I had never gone in and put the burger to the test.

Obviously, I ordered the Elbow Room Burger ($7.99), which is (locally) famous for coming on Texas toast rather than your general hamburger bun. The patty weighs half a pound and came perfectly medium cooked, with Cajun spices and fried onions on top. The lettuce, tomato and pickles are the other slice of Texas toast. Overall, a very juicy and tasty burger, but it could have done with a special sauce. The fries cost $0.99 extra, which is weird, but are worth it. They are long and thick, but perfectly fried and very tasty.

VERDICT: 89/100
The Elbow Room Pub & Deli sure knows how to make a burger! Its signature dish is a big burger with a toast twist. Next time I will ask for some bbq sauce though. That said, I might go for one of the other intriguing sandwiches next time. One thing is certain, however; there will be a next time!

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