Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dennis Grill (Oslo, Norway)

Dennis Grill, Dronningens gate 34, 0154 Oslo, Norway, T: 22-42-49-81

Dennis Grill is one of the largest shoarma restaurants I have seen in Oslo. It is located at the corner of the largest shopping street of the city, Karl Johans gate, and serves real Turkish dishes next to the usual suspects (i.e. burgers, shoarma, chicken).

I ordered a kebab plate with a drink, which set me back NOK 159 (20 Euro). Fortunately, the plate was at least big and they were not skimpy on the food! The fries were a bit old, and they didn't have much paprika powder on them, but the meat was nicely spiced and the garlic sauce added flavor to meat and fries. There was also plenty of salad, not common in Norway.

VERDICT: 80/100
Dennis Grill seems to be one of the better snackbars in Oslo. Their shoarma is very decent and they offer more choice than similar places. Sure, they are expensive, but hey, that's Norway!

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