Sunday, June 5, 2016

Red Onion (Oslo, Norway)

Rosenkrantz Gate, 0164 Oslo, Norway

Red Onion is a small, typical hole-in-the-wall Oslo kebab place that serves burgers, kebabs, fries, and pizza. I didn’t see a skewer anywhere, which is a bit disconcerting.

I get a small Pita Kebab (NOK 69 or $8.25), which is more like a shawarma than a Döner Kebab. The meat is reheated and consists of cubes of a sausage-like consistency – it was definitely never part of a rotating skewer. It comes in a bit too crispy pita with cucumber, onion, corn, and several sauces, including a fairly dominant curry ketchup. In the end, the taste is like a crossover of a kebab and a hamburger, but still quite tasty and with a kick.


VERDICT: 80/100
Neither authentic nor subtle, but quite tasty nonetheless.

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