Sunday, June 5, 2016

Max Hamburgerrestauranger (Oslo, Norway)

Karl Johans Gate 18, 0159 Oslo, Norway

Max Hamburgers is the Swedish McDonalds rip-off, serving almost exact copies of the McD burgers and sides and set in an almost identical style. As several fast food restaurants in Europe these days, it has kiosks where you can order.

I get the Steak & Bacon Menu (NOK 129 or ca. $15.50), which is a Big Burger with a medium fries and a medium drink. Unsurprisingly, the fries are like McD, but a bit less tasty. The burger is surprisingly thick, juicy, and, dare I say it, tasty. It has a significant kick because of the spicy sauce and fresh jalapeños (with pits).

VERDICT: 80/100
Overall just another local McD rip-off, but the Steack & Bacon Burger was far superior to the McD alternatives.

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