Sunday, June 12, 2016

Nazareth Falafel (Berlin, Germany)

Greifswalder Str. 26, 10405 Berlin, Germany


Nazareth Falafel is a small but modern-looking shawarma place that open only a few months ago. It specializes in authentic Middle Eastern sandwiches (including shawarma & halloumi), sides (including Tabouleh & Fatuous), and pizzas (Arab & Italian). It is pretty busy on this Wednesday Eve.

I get a Falafel Sandwich (€2.50). The three falafels are put on Lebanese bread and filled with salad, onion, beats, spcy sauce, and then put on a Panini press. It tastes really good and authentic. I also get a side of French Fries (€2), which are homemade even if they look and taste prefab, but they are perfectly crispy.

A few days later I come back and get a Shawarma Sandwich (€2.50): chicken shawarma with all the above toppings as well as French fries, also put on Panini press. Tasty, but the chicken shawarma has a bit weak taste and is overpowered even by French fries.

VERDICT: 87/100
One of better shawarma places I have eaten at in Europe, but falafel is better than shawarma.

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