Wednesday, January 21, 2015

L’Arte del Gelato (New York, NY)

Lincoln Center, Columbus Avenue & 63rs Street, New York, NY

L’Arte de Gelato is a gelato restaurant on Chelsea Market in New York, which also has a couple of carts in Manhattan (May to August/October). I visit the small cart at the plaza of Lincoln Center.


I get a piccola (small), which means a decent size cup with one flavor. I choose nocciola, which is a creamy flavorful hazelnut. Perhaps a tad too creamy and too few pieces of nut, but very good! The next day I go back and get another small, but this time with two flavors: pistachio and limone (lemon). The pistachio is very creamy and tasty, the lemon is fresh, but misses the zing of real Italian gelato.

VERDICT:  91/100
L’Arte del Gelato serves some of the best gelato I’ve had in the US.

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