Saturday, January 24, 2015

Gray Papaya (New York, NY)

2090 Broadway, New York, NYC 10023, T: 212-799-0243

Gray Papaya is a New York institution. It’s a dumpy-looking fast food place that serves hot dogs and an odd selection of tropical juices. It used to have a couple of locations, but now seems to only its Upper West Side location left, at Broadway and 72nd.

I order 2 franks & a drink for $4.95. I get one with sauerkraut and brown mustard and one with chili (+ 0.50) and onions. The franks are good size, snappy, and tasty. The buns are a bit crusty at the bottom (perhaps because it’s not busy on this very hot day), the onions are big and grilled, and the chili tastes good but a bit particular. The papaya juice is refreshing, bit like a (Brazilian) suco.


VERDICT: 89/100

Not the best hot dogs in New York, but an NYC institution, which serves good and very affordable hot dogs.

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