Sunday, January 6, 2013

Uptown Chicago Grill (Harrisonburg, PA)

2101 N 2nd Street, Harrisburg, PA 17110, T: 717-233-7487

The Uptown Chicago Grill is a small neighborhood diner in Pennsylvania’s capital city, famed for breakfasts and burgers. This noon there are some teenagers milling around -- I guess they 'work' there: one goes on and o about going to Harvard and how easy it is to get in (he just has to keep up his 3.0 gpa). Uhm, you might devote a bit more attention to your customers, as you may have a long career in the food service sector.

I order the Super Combo ($6.95): 2 eggs, French toast, choice of meat (bacon), homes fries or grits (fries), and I add wheat toast. The home fries are really good, though some thicker ones are undercooked; the French toast is a bit chewy and tasteless; the bacon is crispy bacon and the eggs are greasy.

VERDICT: 74/10
The Uptown Chicago Grill is a diner and that’s about it. Nothing special.

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