Sunday, January 6, 2013

Davis Mountain Market & Deli (Tellico Plains, TN)

1401 New Highway 68, Tellico Plains, TN 37385, T: 423-261-2618

While driving in the middle of nowhere, we were lured to the Davis Mountain Market & Restaurant by a big sign more than 6 miles earlier, announcing what looks like an old-school snackbar. In fact, it is a gas station that has a small grill and about three tables inside. The few people that we see in the roughly thirty minutes that we are there, more on that below, seem mostly local, hunters, who all know each other. Interestingly, few eat here…. We should have picked up on that sign!

I order a Double Big Mountain Hamburger ($4.69) and a cup of chili ($3.69). Sounds like a fairly easy procedure, right? Not here. Not with this woman behind the counter. Almost every word I say I have to repeat before it registers…. and causes great confusion. With the help of a former employee, who is just there to pick up here own food, my order finally get through. Unfortunately, it will take another 20-25 minutes before the food arrives (in the meantime, they take care of exactly one other order). The “Double Big Mountain Hamburger” includes two small but quite thick patties, which do not taste like 100% beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard, ketchup, on a basic bun. Type of burger you’ll pick up at a basic family barbeque… when you are 2 hours late to the party. The chili comes, I assume, from a can, and tastes quite gross and watery.

VERDICT: 31/100
Ok, what can you expect from food at a gas station in the middle of nowhere? Well, at least a bit better quality and much less expensive food. This is GROSS!

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