Saturday, October 6, 2012

Star Kebab (Florence, Italy)

Via dell'arriento 69, Florence, Tuscany 50123, Italy, T: 055-2654371

I know, why have kebab when you are in Firenze, home to some of the best of what Italian cuisine has to offer. Well, when you need a snack, around 3-4 PM, when all Italian restaurants are closed (between lunch and dinner). Star Kebab is a small kebab place in the multicultural part of Florence, which serves pizza, kebab, and Turkish specialties (although this day there is no Lahmacun). 

We get a Panino Kebab (€3.50/$4.50): a big bun, heated up to make it fresh and crunchy, shaved pieces of lightly spiced meat, very fresh lettuce, tomato and (spicy) onion, spicy sauce and garlic sauce. Surprisingly good!

VERDICT: 82/100
Star Kebab offers surprisingly affordable and good kebab in the center of an expensive city. A great alternative to good, but often expensive, Italian food.

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