Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blue Ribbon Grill (Tucker, GA)

4006 Lavista Road, Tucker, GA 30084, USA, T: 770-491-1570


The Blue Ribbon Grill is a "neighborhood bar and restaurant" tucked away in a strip mall in a suburb of Atlanta. I had passed it several times before, but recently I read on a website that it had one of the best burgers in Atlanta. Although I was a bit suspicious of the list, as it missed some solid contenders, I decided to try it out anyway. Perhaps I should have taken more notice of the slogan: "You gotta eat somewhere and we need the money."

We started with a daily special, the chicken tortilla soup, and a classic staple, a half portion of the Golden Brown Onion Strings ($5.25). The soup was heavy, but tasty. The (huge portion of) onion strings were cut very thin and lightly battered; nice but lukewarm when served. I also liked the spicy horseradishy sauce.

I then had the Montana 'Big Sky' Bison Burger with a side of homemade chips ($10.95). The thick dry burger came on a thick dry bun. Not that much taste. Ok, but nothing special. The homemade chips were still warm, but kind of chewy and with a stale taste.

VERDICT: 71/100
The Blue Ribbon Grill is nothing special, but affordable, and offering a nice look into a long-forgotten time.

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