Sunday, October 7, 2012

Laziza Mediterranean Grill (Evans, GA)

4272 Washington Road  Evans, GA 30809, T: 706-504-4303


I know what you are thinking: a Mediterranean restaurant in the middle of nowhere, that doesn't bode well. I thought the same, but just really craved ME food! Hence, we went to Laziza, situated in a small strip mall in a suburb of Augusta, GA.

We start out with Jalapeno Humus ($3.99), which has a very nice taste and kick. The warm Lebanese bread is great to scoop. We also have Fatoosh (5.99), which is very crispy and has a fresh dressing. A good start!

For entrees, we have a Falafel Dinner ($9.99): big crispy falafels, which are fresh and tasty; the two sides are Red Pepper Humus (ok) and Tabbouleh (fresh and lemony). We also have a Spicy Chicken Shawarma Combo ($8.99): shaved chicken, pickled beet and pickle, and spicy wrapped in Lebanese bread - the chicken consistency is odd (very soft, not tender). The fries are standard: airy with crust.

VERDICT: 87/100
Laziza offers very decent Middle Eastern food, particularly for a non-urban setting. The Fattoosh, jalapeno hummus, and spicy chicken shawarma are the best; the falafel and Tabbouleh are good; the fries are mediocre.

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