Friday, July 6, 2012

Peppy Grill (Indianapolis, IN)

1004 Virginia Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203, T: 317-637-1158

Peppy Grill is like being in a small town America in the early 1950s; in fact, I doubt the place has changed a thing since it opened many decades ago. It seems to be mostly known for cheap all-day breakfast (huge pancakes!) and burgers (or “hamburgs,” as the sign says), but Peppy has a full diner-style menu. Similar to the neighborhood it is in, Fountain Square, Peppy's clientele is a combination of local old white working class and young white hipsters.

I order the Hamburger ($3.35), which comes with chips, and make it a "Deluxe (+$0.35), which means lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo. I think this already says it all. The quarter pound burger is grilled on the griddle, while the wrinkled chips come straight from a huge bag. The burger is thin and dry, the condiments fresh; as close to your average family barbecue burger as it gets.

Somewhat disappointed I sit pondering whether to eat more, and if so where, when I notice that the woman  cuts whole potatoes in chunks above the fryer. The potatoes seem soft - I later hear they first fry them whole and then in chunks. So, I decide to add a portion of home fries (ca. $2.75). They are absolutely perfect: crispy on the outside, well done in the inside, and with a real potato taste!

VERDICT: 82/100
Peppy Grill mostly offers regular fare at good prices. However, their home fries are amazing!

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