Friday, July 6, 2012

Bolton's Spicy Chicken & Fish (Nashville, TN)

624 Main Street #B, Nashville, TN 37206, T: 615-254-8015

You can not get a more authentic Southern pig out experience than Bolton’s Spicy Chicken & Fish. Located in a small shack in the east-side of town, Bolton’s is a no thrills place. They have various bbq items (e.g. ribs) as well as fried chicken and fish (medium or hot). On this hot summer day (104F outside), it is unbearable inside the small shack, where some 6 people are constantly frying food over open pans. Unfortunately, the woman at the counter defines slow: it takes her 2 minutes to bring change and the shack is all together 20 sqft big!

I get the Catfish Plate ($8.50), which comes with tw side (I order green beans and fries). She gives me the catfish sandwich instead – as it is extremely hot in the shack, and it takes her endlessly to take care of the simplest orders, I decide not to complain and just go with the flow. The sandwich has two huge fillets on toast, but with cheese sauce. It is very fishy and very hot. JC get the Chicken Tenders Plate ($8), which includes three relatively small tenders, which are very tasty and very hot. However, the hotness does not drown out the flavor of the chicken and the burning sensation disappears within ten minutes.

VERDICT: 90/100
Bolton’s serves some of the most authentic and best spicy fried chicken in the country. However, the prices are remarkably steep and the service poor and very slow.

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