Friday, July 6, 2012

The Pancake Pantry (Nashville, TN)

1796 21st Ave S, Nashville, TN 37212, T: 614-383-9333

The Pancake Pantry is the most famous breakfast spot in town, and even made it onto a national top-10 list. Even on this super hot summer day (104F), there is a long line outside. We wait for ca. 15-20 minutes before we are finally seated. The place is old-school and packed. The menu is basic breakfast and a lot of different pancakes.

I order the Bacon & Eggs ($8) with Caribbean pancakes (you get 2 special pancakes instead of 3 regular one). I add sourdough toast ($1.90). The eggs are very runny, the bacon is ok, and the toast is lame. The pancakes are good: banana on the side, pecans and fresh coconut slivers on top. M. gets the Sweet and Spice Pancakes ($8.50), which are five dark small pancakes, of a fairly thick consistency, with a nice gingery flavor. She adds a side of Country Sausage ($3.20): three small and unremarkable sausages. J, who lived for years in Nashville and raved about the place, made the best choices: The Grill Cook’s Medley ($12.60): hash browns, grilled onions, tomato, ham, American and Swiss cheese, green peppers: mixed together, and with added picante sauce, they are delicious, according to M. They come with toast and pancakes (two regular or one special). JC chooses the Georgia Peach Pancake: thick rolled pancake around peach with homemade whip cream: very special!

VERDICT: 85/100
The Pancake Pantry is a place for great pancakes rather than average breakfast. Order the Georgia Peach or the Sweet and Spice!

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  1. I love pancakes so much, they remind me of my childhood. Unfortunately, it's hard to find really outstanding ones, most of the pancakes they serve in the restaurants are really nothing special. Hopefully, it's different in Pancake pantry! Thanks for the information.