Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Comfy Cow (Louisville, KY)

1301 Herr Lane #118, Louisville, KY 40222, T: 502-425-4979

The Comfy Cow is kind of tucked away in a middle class outdoor mall in an eastern suburb of Louisville, Kentucky. When we visit it on a hot summer evening, it is really busy. Guess we are not the only ones who like handcrafted ice cream and desserts.

M. had a small cup with one scoop of watermelon and mint ($2.45), which was odd and fresh. I went for the real deal: a waffle cone with Banana Nana Fofana and Lemon Cream with Pistachio ($5.40). The banana is fresh and not too creamy, while the Lemon Cream with Pistachio was just insane... sooooo good!

VERDICT: 95/100
Louisville has the reputation as a foodie city and this might explain how this modest Midwestern city can have such an excellent ice cream place. Can't wait to go back!

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