Sunday, July 17, 2011

Zip's Cafe (Cincinnati, OH)

1036 Delta Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45208, T: 513-871-9876

Zip's Cafe is a Cincinnati institution, situated in the cute Mount Loukout area of the city. It is famous for its burgers, which it has been serving for over 80 years. Inside it is a dark, old-school German-style pub, with a train running all around the ceiling.

M. got a Zip Burger with cheese ($5.25), while I got a Girth Burger ($7.50), onion rings ($3.25), and a bowl of Zip's "famous" chili ($4). The chili was Cinci-style, a bit watery and tomato-y, but the slices of fresh jalapeno made it. The onion rings were very thick and freshly and thickly layered and fried crispy. The Girth Burger was a Zip Burger with a Mettwurst (sausage) split in two. Very tasty, although not amazing.

VERDICT: 89/100
Zip's Cafe is a unique and very cozy place, which serves distinct and tasty, if not amazing, burgers.

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