Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ugarit Mediterranean Meals (Portland, OR)

SW 10th Ave & Alder St, Portland, OR, T: 503-327-4664

Ugarit Mediterranean Meals is one of the most beautiful food carts in Portland, as a busy crossroads of the northern part of downtown. It is run by a very nice old(er) man, who I assume comes from either Turkey or the Balkans. He serves classic Balkan/Middle Eastern foods, most notable gyros sandwiches.

I ordered a Halal Lamb Gyros ($7), which was quite sizable. Unfortunately, the bread tasted old, the lam was dry and had a stale taste, while the tzatziki tasted simply gross. I really wanted to like it, but threw it away after two (difficult) bites.

VERDICT: 30/100
I am willing to accept that I just had a one-off bad experience, but given the large choice of food carts in Portland, including various gyros/shawarma places, I doubt I will ever go back to Ugarit.

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