Sunday, July 17, 2011

Duke's Drive-In (Bridgeview, IL)

8115 S Harlem Street, Bridgeview, IL, T: 708-599-0576

Duke's Drive-In looks as if it has been around since the 1920s. but was 'only' opened (by Duke himself) in 1975. It is famous for its Italian Beef sandwich and its old car show -- particularly in the weekends. We visited on a hot summer Saturday, just before a Chicago Fire game.

I ordered an Italian Beef sandwich ($4.65) and a Chili Dog with Fries ($3.25). The beef is cooked, trimmed and sliced (very thin) every day. It is piled on a fresh hoagie and then dipped in au jus. The result is the most tender and tasty beef sandwich I ever had. Ask for some peppers and gardinera for an extra kick! The chili dog included a thin snappy sausage, a huge load of very tomato-y chili, and a huge pickle on a soft bun. Not the best chili dog ever, but very tasty. The fires were thin and crispy; kind of McDonalds style.

VERDICT: 91/100
Duke's should be visited for its outstanding Italian Beef sandwiches (and amazing old cars). The rest of the food is good, but not as remarkable as the beef (and cars).

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