Monday, April 4, 2011

Fritland (Brussels, Belgium)

49 Rue Henri Maus, 1000 Brussels, Belgium (Metro: Beurs/Bourse)

Fritland is one of the most famous friteries/frituurs (snack bars) in Brussels. It is located at Bourse/Beurs, a landmark in the city center. While it may look like a tourist trap, and is indeed much frequented by tourists, it is actually a very good place to sample Belgium's finest finger foods.

I ordered a Frites with mayonnaise and a Hamburger with Samourai sauce (at €6.20, quite pricey). The fries are made from real, chunky potatoes, but this time they were undercooked, if still crunchy from the outside. In fact, last time I was there, they were perfectly fried and very tasty. The hamburger was cut in two and spread over a baguette with fried onions. Overall, the burger had little taste, as it is not made with 100% beef.

VERDICT: 87/100
On a good day, Fritland provides some of the best fries in Belgium (and, hence, the world). On a regular day, they serve good fries at relatively high prices.

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