Monday, April 4, 2011

Cuisine Express (London, ON)

Cuisine Express, corner of Exeter Rd & Meg Dr, London, Ontario, Canada

On my way to Toronto I got off the highway in London, Ontario, to have a snack, saw this cart from the road and simply had to stop. It is the closest thing to a Belgian frituur I ever saw in North America. It is run by a nice guy in his (late) 50s, I think originally from Eastern European. Although it is freezing, I am not the only person today. Both before and after me someone stops by. Seems like the Cuisine Express is a local staple.

I order a Hamburger Combo for $9 Canadian (roughly $9 American). It comes with a soda and a huge portion of really crispy fries with some special herbs and his special sauce (part mayo, part bbq), in a paper box. The burger is a thick and well grilled patty of meat (not 100% beef, I think), which comes with lettuce, a (freshly cut) slice of tomato, and special sauce on an odd, thin multigrain bun. It tastes good; in fact, when I add some more special sauce, it tastes very good.

VERDICT: 87/100
Cuisine Express is a Belgian-style snack cart, run by a nice guy, who offers great snacks at acceptable prices. Do try the special sauce!

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  1. "I think originally from Eastern European. "
    Well, I've known Claude all my life. And he's not from European. Claude was born in Antartica City, in Bengladesh. Thanks for your great write-up; I hope that this does not make it harder for him to come back to Asia where we miss him.