Sunday, May 16, 2010

Waka Dog (Mishawaka, IN)

114 Lincolnway E, Mishawaka, IN 46544, T: 574-252-4627

Wake Dog is a small place in downtown Mishawaka, Indiana -- they also have a small stand in from of the South Bend Court House during the summer. In addition to broad variety of hot dogs, including the 1/2 lb. Waka Dog, they have a broad range of typical snack bar items, ranging from burgers to chili fries and from onion rings to pork tenderloins.

I ordered a chili dog ($3.29), a Carolina pulled pork sandwich basket ($6.99), and a medium soft drink ($1.29). The chili dog was basic, though the bun wasn't steamed. The pulled pork sandwich looked gross. It was as if the meat was raw and rotten. That said, I did force myself to have a bite and it didn't taste bad. In fact, it was quite tender. I had several more bites and it was definitely tender, and the slaw added flavor. That said, there was no bbq sauce on it, nor available at the table. The fries were regular coated and crispy fried.

VERDICT: 78/100
I feel a bit conflicted, as the pulled pork sandwich didn't taste bad, it just looked gross. Still, presentation is also part of the eating experience. Overall, Waka Dog didn't impress.

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  1. Thanks, for visiting our restuarant my name is Dick Copeland my wife and I own WAKA DOG.
    We have been in business for about three and a half years. We do appreciate your comments and thoughts. I agree we should do better in clarification on what our Carolina pulled pork sandwich is. We wanted to be different so we chose the Carolina version which as you now know is a very tender and juicy non bar-b-que sandwich marinated in a lite vinagarette sauce. By the way this is a real favorite at our place, unfortunately no one explained to you what it is. I know from my own experience that if you dont explain it before, you can have someone not happy with it, when they are expecting a bar-b-que sauce covered sandwich.
    I was very surprised that your chili dog was served on a dry bun, this is not our standard proceedure we do steam all of our buns hamburger and hotdog alike.
    When you order a basket which includes the sandwich and fries the all you want to drink (soda and ice tea) is included in the price.
    Our average price for a jumbo dog fries and all you can drink soda is $5.99
    We do have avliable for our customers hot sauce and bar-b-que sauce if requested.
    Please when your in the Mishawaka area stop in and give us a second attempt at winning you over,our menu has expanded greatly since your visit and we would love to serve you again in the future. All of our dogs are Veinna all beef and we offer the half pounder as well.