Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ft. Wayne's Famous Coney Dogs (Fort Wayne, IN)

Ft. Wayne's Famous Coney Dogs, 131 W Main St, Fort Wayne, IN 46802, T: 260-424-2997

I know what you are thinking... coney dogs in Fort Wayne, Indiana? Really? And famous ones at that? I shared your sepsis, but I was in Fort Wayne anyway, so I made a quick stop at Ft. Wayne's Famous Coney Dogs.

I ordered a coney dog ($1.25) and a cup of chili ($2.50). The coney dog came on a steamed bun with mustard, fresh onions, and meaty chili. It was ok, but far from remarkable. The chili was much more interesting: it was more a kind of meat sauce soup; no beans, no strong taste, but still intriguingly tasteful.

VERDICT: 82/100
Let me make this clear: Ft.Wayne's coney dogs might be famous in Fort Wayne and surroundings, it is not ,and will never be, anywhere else. It is a decent hot dog place with a unique chili, which shouldn't be tasty but it.

Initially I wrongly referred to this place as Dawson's Famous Coney Dogs.
Thanks to my readers for pointing out the mistake! My bad!


  1. You got the wrong place Dawsons and Coney Island are 2 different restaurants.

  2. Duh.....U totally have the wrong name up there, important enough for you to post a comment you should put correct infromation in! Dawson's Dogs is the BEST in Ft Wayne

  3. sooo...looks to me you went to Coney Island on Main Street. They're pretty good, but I'm partial to Jeffs on State.

  4. Wow you're not a pro at mapquest. Dawson's is better than the swill u ate at coney island read the sign DS. U owe it to the Dawson's People to try their food, order an awesome dog then review the joint. They really are the best in Ft. Wayne.