Sunday, May 16, 2010

Christy's Hamburgers (Cottleville, MO)

3957 Mid Rivers Mall Drive, Cottleville, MO 63376, T: 636-926-2222

I had just seen a game of the St. Louis Lions, around the corner, where they had virtually nothing to eat, so my hungry eye fell on Christy's as I was getting ready for my 3.5 hour drive back. It had just opened and, as it turns out, is part of a new, and so far very modest, chain with two other restaurants in Columbus and Starkville, Mississippi. They seem 'inspired' by the Five Guys chain.

Christy's Hamburgers has a limited menu, based mostly on its Big Christy (1/2 lb) and Double Christy (1 lb) burgers. I ordered a Big Christy basket with spicy fries and a sod ($9.15). It was quite a lot of money, but when the burger arrived, I knew why. The Big Christy is a beast! The burger itself is thick and crunchy outside. And the great thing is, they have a 'fixings bar' where you can put whatever sauce and other condiments on it. I had already added fried onions and took mayo, bbq sauce, lettuce, and jalapenos from the fixings bar. The final results was close to perfect (I should not have gone for the fried onions and mayo). The spicy fries were crisp, but had too much coating for my liking.

VERDICT: 93/100
There is no doubt that Christy's makes "simply the best burgers around". Even in places with more variety on offer, I doubt Christy's would often loose a comparison. Its burgers are huge, crispy and juicy and you can top them with whatever you feel like. I wish I had a Christy's closer by.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the burger at Christy's! While the idea is similar to Five Guys, Christy's is not really inspired by them - heck, Christy's started out back in the '80s in Mississippi so they are an original. Check out the menu at ---and no, I'm not an employee, just a fan.

  2. I have not had the pleasure of eating there, stopped in to pick up some burgers for someone who helped me out. I can not get the wonderful smell out of my mind! And guess what! A friend I helped last week brought me a Christy's gift certificate! This is going to be a great week!

  3. My niece and I went to christy's for lunch yesterday to try it out. While I was impressed with the burger itself, I was severely disappointed in all other aspects. The restaurant was poorly decorated and had no personality what so ever. Upon arriving, we were surprised at how busy they were. We had to wait for a table. The setup was very uncomfortable because 3 and 4 tables were pushed together leaving us the option of standing or sitting with strangers. The girl who took our order was less than pleasant. There was only 1 lid for the soda cups left so I let her know and she restocked with lids that didn't fit the cups. I ordered a Big Christy Burger basket and my niece ordered a Buffalo Chicken sandwich basket (which came to $17.98). A whopping FOURTY MINUTES LATER the girl who took our order screamed my name & dropped our food near us. The burger was good, don't misunderstand me, but 40 minutes is ridiculous. The Buffalo Chicken was 2 pieces of chicken on an over-sized white hot dog bun, which was nearly impossible to keep together. We won't be going there again. The unfriendliness of the staff, the price, and the wait was just not worth it.

  4. I was excited to try Christy's--burgers are one of my favs and I love to find "the best in town" We were there early on a weekday, so there wasn't a wait and the staff was ok. I wouldn't say they were friendly by far, but not quite rude. I was not impressed by the burger--it was just ok. And the fries were TERRIBLE. They tasted like FISH. Even the spicy ones. It was obvious they were fried in the same oil as the fish. I can't understand why they wouldn't invest in a separate fryer, especially considering a lot of people are allergic to fish or simply hate it. Also the condiment bar was disgusting. The lettuce was shredded, which is completely annoying on a burger and the mustard was in a vat along with the dressings. I just wondered how long it had been since they were all changed. I certainly will not go back there and would much rather drive 35 mins to get to Five Guys. BLECH!