Sunday, October 9, 2011

Runway Grill (Seattle, WA)

Gate D6, South Satellite, Seattle-Tacoma Airport

Runway Grill is a fast food place at the South Satellite section of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. As there is virtually no choice in this part of the airport, I have eaten here a couple of times. It is not extremely overpriced, for an airport.

This time around we had a burger and a chicken sandwich. Both look really crappy, and also tasted it. At other times I had the chicken tenders (reasonable), the hot dog and the fries (both were fairly tasteless). They also have fish sandwiches and salads; I doubt they taste better.

VERDICT: 49/100
Places like the Runway Grill can only survive at places like airports without much competition. They provide very poor quality at reasonably high prices; they are quick though!

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