Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mother's Restaurant (New Orleans, LA)

401 Poydras Street, New Orleans, LA 70130, T: 504-523-9656

Mother's Restaurant is an institution in New Orleans, featuring in all the good guides (Man v Food, Roadfood). It now has two restaurants, the one downtown that I visited, and a Mother's Next Door in another part of town. It is famous for its Black Ham, which are smoked on the premise.

I went for the signature item, their most popular Po'Boy: the Famous Ferdi Special ($10.75). This beast of a sandwich comes with their famous baked ham, roast beef, debris (kind of pulled pork in a very tangy jus), slaw, creole mustard, and mayo. And this ultra-juicy feat of tastes comes on the best baguette I have had in the US. Best warm sandwich I ever had!

VERDICT: 97/100
Mother's is one of those famous places that actually lives up to its reputation. If you go there, do go for the Famous Ferdi Special (share it if you are not a big eater). You will not be disappointed. If only every city had one...

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