Sunday, July 2, 2017

O’Leary’s Bar & Restaurant (Budapest, Hungary)

List Ferenc repülötér 28, 1185 Budapest, Hungary

O’Leary’s Bar & Restaurant is a US-style sports bar that pretends to be from Boston, but was actually founded in Gothenburg, Sweden. It can be found throughout Sweden and in many large Asian and European cities and offers the usual menu of a US sports bar: burgers, salads, sandwiches, wings. I eat at the one inside Terminal 2A of Budapest’s Airport. Incidentally, the waiters are quite slow here. I get the Buffalo Wings (2300 Ft or $8.40) as a starter. They are small but crispy. The sauce is bit spicy, but has a kind off honey-sweet bbq flavor. Then I get Ray's Burger (3.950 Ft or $14.50), which comes with tomato, lettuce, onion, jalapenos, cheddar and spicy mayo. I don't know what counts as beef at O’Leary’s, but the patty smells and tastes quite funky. Given that the "spicy" mayo has little taste, and the jalapeños are absent, this is all very bland. The fries are ok, the mayo (at $1 extra!) pretty gross.

VERDICT: 60/100
Extremely expensive and very mediocre.

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