Sunday, April 30, 2017

Restaurant Floh (Berlin, Germany)

Am Bahnhof Grunewald 4, 14193 Berlin, Germany

Restaurant Floh is a cute, small restaurant in the Grunewald suburb of Berlin, just off the train station. It is mostly frequented by local regulars with the occasional tourist. The menu is pretty straightforward German, with emphasis on various types of meats and some local (Berlin) specialties
I have eaten twice here. The first time I get the Wiener Schnitzel (€11.90), which is huge and very well prepared. The meat is a bit cheap but tasty. The Bratkartoffel (friend potatoes) are very tasty and have a nice crunch to them. The second time I get the Hamburger (€9.90), which is a very dry piece of minced meat, seemingly deep friend, with a sad piece of bacon on it and some veggies. The fries are prefab and uneventful.

VERDICT: 82/100
Honest German food at a very good price. Stay away from the burger and just go for the authentic German dishes.

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